S O. , Fresh Meadows, NY, 12/31/2014

I like the new office. The girls in the front greet you and are very nice. Especially Maria. Also I really liked the new young hygienist Patricia. She is very thorough and gives detailed explanations as she cleans and at the end. She flosses my teeth also. She used a tooth model and toothbrush to show me why I have sensitivity because of my gum recession, and showed me a different method. She also showed me on the tv the white pieces of tartar. She gave me a goodie bag with things I need. She included this bristle and said i should use it since i have less gums. Then she called another young dentist. Her name was Dr. Chao also. She was new also and the young dentist was thorough too. She went through each tooth to check for cavities i think… She explained what she can do to patch up the sensitivity. She looked at my xrays and talked to me about different options also. Great new staff and great changes! I will definitely recommend this place.

Serena L., Forest Hills, NY, 11/11/2013

Started coming here a few years ago and saw Dr. Lin. He was friendly, gentle and thorough. Afterwards, i got switched to another dentist. Her name is Dr. Wong, and i’ve been seeing her for the past couple of years. She’s also very friendly and thorough. I’ve never really had a problem with my teeth (i.e. cavities, root canals, etc.) so i just go for cleanings and always leave feeling fresh to death!  The staff (receptionists and dental assistants) are all pleasant and wonderful too!

Patty L., New York, NY, 12/13/2010

The office is equipped with the best technology.  The staff is warm and friendly. Dr. Jason Lin is a quality dentist. He is great at making patients feel comfortable. He always lets me know what he’s about to do so I can mentally brace myself for the cold water, drills, etc. I’m extremely appreciative of the consideration and care.

Linda Z., Forest Hills, NY, 3/3/2012

I’ve been seeing Dr. Chao since my first tooth fell out and his practice has just gotten bigger and better, while still retaining all of the personal touches. The receptionists and everyone supporting the dentists are VERY friendly, professional and super competent. You get reminder calls about your appointment the next day and when you go in, all the dentists I’ve ever seen at Dr. Chao’s practice have been very good. Dr. Chao explains everything he does, reassures you when he’s in the middle of something that everything is going fine, and he FIXES problems. Perfect dental practice. I hope I never move too far from this dental practice that I have to see someone else.

Kenny Y., Staten Island, NY, 10/14/2010

One of the best Dental practices around. Dr. Chao is the definition of a gentle giant. Don’t let his imposing stature intimidate you, if all dentists were like him maybe I wouldn’t have waited 15 years to see one. Aside from the extensive library of movies “on demand” while in the chair (maybe it’s just me but I remember dental offices being less enjoyable when I was growing up) everyone at the office is very friendly and pleasant to deal with. Top notch practice.